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The following bundles of RH products are available which provide both complete solutions for different needs and which give a discount over the cost of separate purchases.

For bundles including RHiggit, please enter a dongle/lock ID in the box provided.


Learner’s Bundle - 90

RH Animation + RH Rigging tutorials. Together, these series provide almost 50 hrs of deep and detailed training for rigging and animation in LightWave, giving you THE most complete and comprehensive training available to help you master these topics.


Animation Starter - 71

RHiggit Lite + RH Animation tutorials. Together these two items give the beginner animator everything they need to get going and start producing great character animation with LightWave 3D.


Pro Rigger - 146

RHiggit Pro + RH Rigging tutorials. Comprising both the top level training and toolset for rigging in LightWave, this bundle gives riggers and technical directors all the power and expertise they need to get the job done FAST.


Animation Pro - 180

RHiggit Pro + RH Animation + RH Rigging tutorials. The ultimate collection for those who want the best of everything with LightWave animation and rigging. The best tools and the best training for the most demanding needs.


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