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RHiggit Face Factory Open Beta

FaceFactory is a new addition to the RHiggit toolsuite for LightWave.

Like the RHiggit Body Builder, this tool allows you to create high quality, custom face rigs for your characters with speed and ease. It can operate either alone, can add face setups to Body Builder characters, can work as an add on to Genoma created rigs, or other custom built rigs of your own.

This initial release is being offered as an Open Beta, giving you the opportunity to get in early (with special offer pricing) and, most importantly, give your own feedback on the operation and options available in the plugin to help guide its development as it moves to final/main release, such that it can offer the best solution for the needs of the LW community

View the video below for an introduction to what the plugin offers and how it is intended to work moving forward.

Pricing and Availability

Face Facttory is available now for purchase and download now, priced at GB£60 orGB£45 for RHiggit Pro owners.

Additionally... since face rigging can be an intricate endeavour and there are many additional techniques that an auto-rigger cannot provide for (such as custom auto-following or linked morphs and such), during the open beta period, the RH Face Rigging training series can be bought with Face Factory at half price, allowing you to get into the full gamut of face rigging techniques for your work.

Payment here is taken via PayPals online system. Payment is secure,  and you can pay via a number of methods and cards. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive a download link by mail within 24 hours. Please remember to enter your LW Dongle/Lock ID in the box provided for your licence.

Simply click the purchase link below to get going. For any further questions or enquiries, please contact.

Buying Options and offers
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