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RHA is a complete and in depth series of video tutorials covering the practices and production of animation in NewTek’s LightWave 3D.

Designed for users who are either new to the process of animation, or those with some experience but who want to take their skills and work to the next level of quality, this series packs in 28 hours of detailed content, instruction and exercises to help guide you through from mastering the basic fundamentals of animation and onto more intricate kinds of work.

If you are wanting to get to grips both with the animation tools available in LightWave and the craft of animation itself, this series has everything you need to help you learn, practice and progress. It is the tutorial series that aspiring LightWave animators have been waiting for.

 See the introduction video below for a sample of what is covered and included.



RHA comes in 3 main chapters totaling 28 hrs of first-class instruction...

Foundations - This chapter introduces you to the fundamental basics of the art and craft of animation as well as giving you a basic view of what’s on offer for animation work in LightWave 3D. Here you will find all the basic knowledge and principles every animator needs to know and keep in mind to produce quality animation work. Also, this chapter is offered for FREE and you can view it in the playlist above.

Tools and Techniques - Over the course of this chapter, you will get a detailed look at all the tools available in LightWave 3D for working with animation, their features, functions, and how you can use them to begin applying the knowledge of the craft from the first chapter. Also presented here are the major techniques for attacking the small, repetetive little “micro-animation” actions that occur frequently throughout the production of a single animation, from how to manage key frames, to how to handle overlapping actions, and more.

Projects - This is where we find the real meat. Over several hours and through several individual animation projects, this chapter covers the business of actually producing animation itself. Starting out with simpler exercises and gradually building into ever more involved an intricate animations, at a steady pace, these videos will help you practice and grow your skills from one project to the next, building technical skills as well as learning how to express motivation and character.

Pricing and Availability

RHA is available now for the price of GB£56.  There is also a discounted rate for owners of either the RH Rigging tutorial series or RHiggit Pro (see the pricing dropdowns).

For the ultimate “all-in” solution for LightWave, RHA is also available as part of the various bundle offerings.

Payment here is taken via PayPals online system. Payment is secure,  and you can pay via a number of methods and cards. Once your payment has been processed, your links will be registered for you and delivered within 24 hours (link setup is done manually here).

Simply click the purchase link below to get going. For any further questions or enquiries, please contact.