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RHN is a complete series of video tutorials covering and explaining the Node Editor in LightWave 3D.

Although present for several versions of the package now, the node editor still manages to confuse or bemuse many users beyond the most basic of operations, and with little training to have so far come about which explains the intricacies of working with nodes, many have been stuck feeling left behind.

But no longer... This series, aimed at those with either no or a basic knowledge of the node editor, turns the tables on those problems, offering for the first time a “ground up” tour of nodal operations, taking the viewer step by step through the functions, tools and concepts needed to make the most out of this powerful (and ever expanding) area of LightWave 3D.

View the video playlist below for an introduction to what is offered in the series, as well as sample videos from it.


RHN comes in 3 main chapters...

Foundations - This section details all the basic knowledge needed to get on with the node editor. It covers the interface, data types, connections, and also introduces users to some of the conventions and concepts used in 3D graphics which are essential to understanding what can be accessed though the node editor. If you find yourself at a bit of a loss at where to start, the tech, the terms, or the math aspects... this is the chapter for you. Furthermore, since this knowledge is so fundamental and necessary for anyone beginning with nodes, it is provided FREE. You can view this chapter in the playlist above.

Nodes - Over 30 videos detailing individual nodes, types, classes, data or connection types. So often folks can’t understand WHY a user calls on a certain node in a certain flow. This section, by examining nodes in isolation, helps to demystify these questions. Some videos contain only simple explanation, some simple lil workflow tricks, and other little mini-tutorials of their own. All in all, a great resource of information.

Projects - This is where it all comes together... Long form projects that take the knowledge and know-how developed over the previous chapters and turn it into something that’s actually useful. Rather than just some wayward tutorials that start going off into the distance, these are aimed specifically with the previous sections in mind, helping you to see the same things, but from different working perspectives, with the hope of igniting your own imaginations and invention when it coems to building your own networks.

Prior Knowledge?

Very little indeed.

Basic experience with LightWave itself is, of course, reasonably necessary. This series, whilst focussing on nodal, does from time to time touch into other areas of LightWave... it IS all connected after all.

The idea of technical or math based approaches to things also puts off a great many users. To a extent these kinds of workflows are unavoidable if you want to get the most out of the node editor... However the ability to “do the math” is no kind of prerequisite here. The ability to count and do the most basic of arithmetic (like “2x7”, or “11-9” sorta thing) is certainly needed, but that is where it ends. By far the main thrust of the tutorials is about finding approaches and techniques that are friendlier and more accessible to the artist, without the need to get too embroiled in the tech of it all.


The node editor has been available in LightWave 3D for a number of versions now. It has, of course, continued to grow, with new nodes added, or new editors available in the interface. These tutorials were made using V11, however, the vast majority of what is shown applies to all versions which contain the node editor, and many of the functions or features available in newer versions of LW can be added, or replicated in older versions with freely available plug-ins. Obviously the more up to date, the better... but there is certainly something here for everyone.

Pricing and Availability

RHN is available now for purchase and download now, priced at GB£20.

Payment here is taken via PayPals online system. Payment is secure,  and you can pay via a number of methods and cards. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive a download link by mail within 24 hours.

You can also purchase this training through Liberty 3D. As an L3D exclusive, the tutorials can be purchased by individual chapter if desired, or (just like here) as a whole set. Download links from L3D are also provided instantly.

Simply click the purchase link below to get going. For any further questions or enquiries, please contact.